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Western Australia
Tjukayirla Roadhouse on the Great Central Road

Kaufland: Die Einladung
This is adorable.
 He’s a young Star Wars fan. 
She moves in next door.
 He’s too shy to introduce himself.
 But he approaches her in his own nerdy way. 
Is he just too Star Wars-obsessed for her?

This is the Christmas ad for the German supermarket Kaufland.
 There is no language barrier because there is no dialogue.
 What we have are the universal languages of love,
 Christmas, and Star Wars

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Animals of YouTube sing "Jingle Bells"


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Knock Knock


The Carbonaro Effect 
Apptoo Revealed


I have posted this before 

How the choreography was done is mind-blowing. 
 It was wonderful to see such beauty,
 instead of all the threatening death and horror.  
If everybody just enjoyed music 
(one of my favourite pieces of music) and dance
, the world would be so lovely as it should be. 
 I, for one, love this video.

Цекало и Puttin`
 отожгли на Воробьевых горах



Another video  I have posted before
Ben Portsmith 
(Top Elvis Impersonator)


Odds and Ends

Star Wars Jingle Bells

Here are a couple of Videos of  one my Favourite Irish groups

"I Useta Lover" is a 1990 song by Irish rock group The Saw Doctors.
 It is the second single off the 
"If This Is Rock and Roll, I Want My Old Job Back" album. 
It spent 35 weeks in the Irish charts
 including a record 9 weeks at #1
 and became the best-selling single of all time in the country.

The Saw Doctors - I Useta Lover


The Saw Doctors - N17 
 Live In Galway


Memes to Amuse


Glen Campbell 
Bonaparte's Retreat
This song is actually from between 1880-1920
 by a fiddler who was raised in a cave in Eastern Kentucky
 Glen did not write this nor did Willie nelson, etc.
 His mother was arrested for adultery 
and he started going around recording other peoples music in his early 20's
 eventually picked up a fiddle 
and bonapartes retreat can be heard in commercials on television today
 although you may not realize it.


This Weeks Signs


Dick Van Dyke's Acapella Group Sings 
"Chitty Chitty Bang Bang" 

Dick Van Dyke recently turned 90



Nature Is Speaking:
 Reese Witherspoon is Home


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