Saturday, December 30, 2017


Western Australia

Twilight Beach Esperance

Tennis Star Roger Federer is in Perth 
for the Hopman Cup Tennis Tournament
He is pictured here doing a "selfie"with a Quokka 
on Rottnest Island

Happy New Year

Awesome Pictures

New Year Resolutions 
 Simon's Cat 

Some of the better known people who left us in 2017

Mary Tyler Moore   January

John Hurt    January

Chuck Berry     March

Don Rickles    April

Erin Moran   April

Roger Moore  May

Greg Allman     May

Adam West      June

Glen Campbell    August

Jerry Lewis   August

Hugh Hefner    September

 Tom Petty     October

Fats Domino   October

Mel Tillis   November

Della Reese    November

David Cassidy     November

Jim Nabors     December

Heather Menzies     December

and Australian

Malcolm Young     AC/DC

George Young       Easybeats

Bill Leak     Cartoonist

Lou Richards     Footballer and  Broadcaster

 John K Watts   Footballer and Broadcaster

 Les Murray    Soccer Broadcaster

 Betty Cuthbert    Oylmpic Gold Meadalist

Drew Morphett      Sports Commentator

Dean Mercer    Surfing Campion

Silverback gorilla stops traffic to cross road 
Gorilla Family and Me
 BBC Earth


 Car crash


As close as it gets

Life's Unexpected Moments

Guess who is in charge

Funny Animals

Bad Luck Compilation

Funny Signs

World's steepest funicular
 powered by ABB technology

The World





Odds and Ends

 in the World!!
 Compilation of Incredible Train Journeys!!

This list consists 12 of the most dangerous and 
extreme railways in the world!!
From railways That deep gorges and near vertical descents,
 to a 100 year old railway bridge built on sea.
 These are some of the most amazing,
 unbelievable and incredible railway routes around the world.
 These Railways offer daring experience to those who ride them.
The Trains needs to pass through the most dangerous railroads 
along their journey. 
However, one can enjoy the scenic beauty 
while travelling on them

The Most Dangerous Railways featured in this list are :

 Maeklong Railway, Thailand:
 This Railways passes through the congested maeklong market in Thailand.
 Nariz del diablo, Ecuador :
 Considered most difficult train journey,
 the railway passed through tight cliffs and climbs steep altitudes.
 Pamban Bridge, India
the trains has to pass through this breathtaking 
100 year old sea bridge still operating. 
Bangladesh Railways :
 Considered most overcrowded railways in the world
 where roof riding is a common sight.
 Burma Railway : 
Constructed during world war II using forced labor
, Many workers (prisoners of war) died due to rough conditions 
thus earning nickname 'Death Railway' 
Ferro carril Central Andino, Peru
Second Highest Railway in the World Running
 through the Andes.
 Indian railways :
 World's most busiest Railway,
 more than 25,000 people die annually on India's railways 
White pass & Yokon Route, Alaska :
 Built during Klondike Gold rush.
 This route boasts incredible sceneries.
 Gokteik Viaduct, Myanmar
Highest railway trestle in the world
. Pilatus Railway, Switzerland : 
This Most steepest cogway railway offers
 incredible Sceneries.
 Tren a las nubes, Argentina :
 The train Passes through dangerous curves and high bridges.
 Gelmerbahn Funicular, Switzerland
Almost feels like a roller-coaster ride!


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