Friday, February 21, 2014

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Western Australia ......     Kimberleys
This is the King George Falls , only way to see it is by doing a scenic flight
 or if you stay at Faraway Bay - The Bush Camp ...
 So remote, no roads no access  only fly over or boat

One for Dinner
the best one of all these video's


Silly Thoughts


Deer Rescue


Those Funny Animals

Wolves in Yellowstone Park


A young lawyer decided that his life needed a hobby.
 Since his buddies talked about sailing,
 he thought he’d give it a go.
 He went to the local boat show and asked a lot of questions.
 Everything seemed to be going well when he said,
 “How do you dock the boat?”
The salesman replied, “Well, you really don’t dock the sailboat,
 you tie it up to a float just beyond the dock.
 This way you don’t bang up the finish on the craft.”
“Well then,” the lawyer asked,
 “How do you get out to the sailboat?”
“Good question.” The salesman told him.
 “You can get a small raft and paddle out to the boat, 
or you can just walk out to the boat, 
if you don’t mind getting wet. “
“Oh, I get it,” the lawyer replied,
 “It’s Row vs Wade.”


Having a bad day!!!!


Landing a 120 ton Boeing jetliner in crosswinds


This actually happens quite often since
 Former President Bill Clinton bears a striking resemblance 
to Funk legend, George Clinton.


This hidden camera set up is a social experiment organized
 by Norwegian charity group SOS Barnebyer 
to see what people would do when faced to a lonely kid
 left freezing in the winter cold without a jacket.


Kiss Cam at the Baseball


this bloke came prepared


 Learn about Animals

Coffee Shop Trick




From the "Big Store"



Stairs around the World


Know that the guy in the video is speeding up to 80 mph (128 km/h


Odds and Ends


Being a Dad


Oop's!!!...... is that your car/boat


Anger Management
Its in German but you will get the picture fairly easy




Down by the River

Some people will do anything to stop global warming.

this weeks signs

a bit of nostalgia for those who may have been around in 1962
I know I was   ..and still like this song

Phils Philosophy


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