Saturday, June 21, 2014

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Western Australia


 Bar Magician Flies Through Amazing Tricks
 America's Got Talent 2014


Those Funny Animals

Incredible Up-Close Encounter With Alaskan Brown Bear


Some expensive items


Surprise babies in the 115,000 volt substation!


The future is a bit of a worry.”
 Literatus was making his contribution to the discussion
 of the morning at Nellus Ursus’ Forum Cafeterium. 
The caffeinus was strong and hot as was the discussion
 about the future of Modern Rome.
Zoophilus the explorer butted in, 
“There is no problem.
 A strong Caesar will hold everything together.
 There are no rivals to our nation’s power.
 Rome is too big to fall.”
“Size is the very problem.
 In an emergency,
 it will never be possible to send messages
 quickly enough from the edges of the Empire to Caesar
 for decisive action to be taken
  It takes months for a Legion to reach borders.
 An invader or usurper would be strongly entrenched by that time”
 explained Literatus.
“So Rome needs to be cut in two?” queried Secundus. 
“No Caesar would allow that.”
“There is one way it could done.” 
an apparently thoughtful Verbo Ipsum dropped 
into the silence which followed.
“It could never happen!” mocked Zoophilus.
“It could happen very easily!” said Verbo.
 “All it needs is a pair of Caesars.

You’re looking quite frazzled this morning,”
 Libertinus worriedly said to Verbo Ipsum.
 “Hey, Nellus, could you bring him another Caffeinus?
 He looks as though he needs it.”
“Ahhh thanks,” replied Verbo. 
“You are a true friend. 
I have had a terrible morning.”
“Morning all.” 
The interruption came from the newly arrived Secundus.
 “What were you doing down at the pier this morning, Verbo?
“I’m having problems with the navis,
 the boats just at the moment. 
The wind is upstream and my sailors cannot
 get a quick run down to Ostia Antica, 
the harbour at the mouth of the Tiber.”
“I know of the problem,” said Libertinus
. “It happens almost every year at this season.”
“Exactly.” said Verbo.
 “So I am looking to get an advantage over the other boat owners
 and I think I may have found the answer. 
I will get my sailors to row into the wind.”
“So why are you so exhausted?”
 asked Secundus, unwisely.

“There was a big paddle sale at the copia navis,
 the boat store.” replied Verbo.
 “It was quite an oar deal.”


The Worlds Smallest Nation


Take a closer look


Lullaby for a snoring Elephant




One Man Women


Things so American

Insane Himalayas Bus Ride - not for the faint hearted


The Human Body


My OCD (Song)

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

“My OCD” is a song from internet comedians and musicians
 Rhett and Link that looks at Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
 and how the little things can drive some people crazy.
 Rhett’s wife suffers from OCD
 and they realize that it affects millions of people
 so they aren’t making fun of the disease itself.


 World Cup

Soccer Fails


Odds and Ends


Peters Computer




VFA-87 Slot Check

Doing a final check on board the USS George H. W. Bush

unknown facts about Adolf Hitler


World's 10 Most Mysterious Pictures Ever Taken


This weeks Signs


Epic Swimming Pool Fails Compilation


Phils Philosophy


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Sandee said...

Smoothini is really good. Really good.

Bwahahahahaha on the never hitting my kids, but I'd flip them off. I've done that.

That's one big brown bear. Kinda cute too. Yikes and there's a mess of them too. I think I'd leave that area. Very quickly.

Someone would actually buy a beer for that much? Not me.

The babies were adorable. Feed me, feed me. Too cute.

$906 million dollars for the worlds smallest nation. I'd not heard of that place before now.

Loved, loved, loved the snoring elephant.

I hit a deer. Yep, that's about the size of it with those not so smart cars.

One Man Woman...I've got a friend that's going through this. He's such a pig. I'm just saying.

Mexico doesn't celebrate Cinco De Mayo.

No way on that Himalaya bus ride. No. Not ever.

Interesting facts about the body. I didn't know a one of them.

OCD is a real issue that affects so many. It's got to be frightening. Can I come back tomorrow?

Soccer fails...sports fails..they are all funny and often painful. Certainly embarrassing.

Peter's computer. Bwahahahahahahahahaha.

The final check the George H.W. Bush was pretty neat.

Interesting facts about Hitler. Didn't know any of them until today.

World's 10 most mysterious pictures. Wow. Just wow.

Loved the signs. I live about 30 miles from Stockton. It's a little cesspool and then some.

The pool fails. Yikes. Yikes!

And another fine Saturday post. I always enjoy it here.

Have a fabulous day Phil. :)

Tracy said...

"Milk Truck"...LOL!