Friday, October 17, 2014


Western Australia
 Crayfish Bay [near Steep Point]


The Orphanage

What if children could choose their parents?

Orphanage. A place where hopeful parents could visit and offer a loving home to orphan children. What if the whole situation would be turned


Australian Weather

near Alice Springs
central Australia

Kalgoorlie Goldfields

Mendindee Lake

Sydney Harbour

Barrow Island in the North West

Bushfire aftermath

Geelong Victoria


Dog in a Leaf Pile

Those Funny Animals

Sweets the English Bulldog 
see's a biker wave at us and she waves back

Saving Cadence 
an abused Pit Bull shows us the power of second chances




11 Year old Adilyn Malcom from Littleton Colorado
 has some impressive freestyle dubstep dancing moves


Some Fascinating pictures

Warsaw Poland


Cousin Sal Pranks Aunt Chippy at Ceramics Class
Jimmy has pulled so many pranks on Aunt Chippy
 that at at this point he’s always worried that she’ll catch on. 
So he sent his cousin Sal to mess with her where she would least expect it -
 her weekly ceramics class in Las Vegas.


Celebrity Puns


Tuck me  in (short film 2014) 
Tuck Me In just won the international one-minute film festival, Filminute
This very short horror film by Ignacio F. Rodó
Nothing is going to jump out at you,
 but it will make you consider the situation with dread. 
Sweet dreams!


Pictures that tell a story

Days from 114th Birthday, 
Minnesota woman is gets tech savvy


Odds and Ends

A few hard truths


Base Jumpers Land in Rooftop Pool
Jumping from The Kuala Lumpur Tower, Malaysia,
 two people parachuted into the middle of a pool party
 on the 34th floor of a hotel


Meanwhile in China



The Book With No Pictures by B.J. Novak 


Bad Day


Cute dogs waking up owners


This weeks signs

A few more Gif''s


The 46 Most Important Crotch Shots Of All Time


Phils Philosophy

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Sandee said...

The orphanage was awesome. Yes, we don't get to pick our parents. Some are really messed up too.

I can relate about the fires. We've had a terrible fire season here in California. Looks like you have some bad ones too.

Dogs and leaves. They have such fun. Too cute.

Loved the bulldog that waved at other bikers. That was very cool.

Loved all the attack gifs. Too cute.

Adilyn Malcom. WOW!

Aunt Chippy is a hoot.Speaking of rude. She's the queen of rude. Bwahahahahahahaha.

Tuck me. Spooky indeed.

The 114 year old Anna. That was cool.

Oh the base jumpers. Frightening. I could never do that. I'm too chicken.

China is a mess. A polluted mess.

The lion story. Wow, that's awesome.

Bad day. Wow, that's some really bad days.

Dogs can wake you up in a hurry too. Bless their hearts. They love doing it too.

Loved all the signs. And the gifs too.

The crotch shots. Yikes.

Another fine week.

Have a fabulous weekend. ☺

Bunk Strutts said...

That penguin .gif is a hoot. I looped it a couple of years ago so the fun never ends.

Anonymous said...

Hi Phil... yeah you've done it again entertaining us with a great bunch of laughs.

The guy with a Spider reminded me of myself the other evening. Sitting wrapped in a blanket whilst watching TV, this unwanted creature slowly crawled up towards my face. The film was reaching a climax,,,, but outta the Corner of my eye I saw the Spider,,,, damnation, the guy was toooo Close for comfort and I grew dragonfly wings and took off like a shot in the dark.

Yes, we have those old Military bunkers... quite a sight for sore eyes Nestling in a beautiful Setting... why do they Need those horrid reminders of Long ago??

Not only in China are These cell phones a menace,, if in the tram Train or bus, we have to listen to their non-sensicle bla bla bla. Whilst in the Supermarket (or elsewhere) one gets stalled while someone is having a convo on his cell. I get the Feeling the world has come to a full-stop all due to the cellphone. (Nuff nuff, I don't wanna moan, but it is blooming annoying)

Aunt Chippy is one hell-of-a Lady,,, certainly don't wanna cross swords with her, hee hee!!

My friend suggested the EYGIPTIAN strawberries were a perfect send off to unwanted guests... :-)

Well Phil, I do hope this message will reach you, cause my last one disappeared - - perhaps I forgot to press the ANONY-MOUSE butten on your blog!!!

Finally I am back on the blog, but I see it's not showing up on your comment section.

Thanks for your great stuff---- best regards from Celeste in Basel