Tuesday, January 26, 2016


Australia Day Edition

I am, you are, we are Australian

Australia Day Lamb 2016 
 Commence Operation Boomerang
Watch as Lee Lin Chin and Lambassador Sam Kekovich 
embark on ‘Operation Boomerang’ –
 their mission to save Australians abroad from going without
 the essential lamb barbecue on Australia Day


What Australia Actually Looks Like


Australian Cartoons


André Rieu 
 Australia Day 2016


Western Australia

Western Australia (abbreviated as WA ]
 is a state occupying the entire western third of Australia.
 It is bounded by the Indian Ocean to the north and west,
 the Great Australian Bight and Southern Ocean to the south,
 the Northern Territory to the north-east and South Australia to the south-east.
 Western Australia is Australia's largest state 
with a total land area of 2,529,875 square kilometres (976,790 sq mi),
 and the second-largest country subdivision in the world –
 however, a significant part of it is sparsely populated.
 The state has about 2.6 million inhabitants,
 around 11% of the national total.
 92% of the population lives in the south-west corner of the state.

The first European visitor to Western Australia
 was the Dutch explorer Dirk Hartog, 
who visited the Western Australian coast in 1616.
 The New South Wales colonial government established
 a convict-supported military garrison at King George III Sound,
 at present-day Albany, in 1826,
 which was followed by the establishment of the Swan River Colony in 1829
, including the site of the present-day capital, Perth.
 York was the first inland settlement in Western Australia.
 Situated 97 kilometres east of Perth,
 it was settled on 16 September 1831.

Western Australia achieved responsible government in 1890,
 and federated with the other British colonies in Australia in 1901.
 Today its economy mainly relies on mining, agriculture and tourism.
 The state produces 46% of Australia's exports.
 Western Australia is the second-largest iron ore producer in the world.

Australia Day 2015 
9 News Perth

A large percentage  of Western Australian travelling overseas go to Bali

The Kimberley - Australia 
 Lonely Planet  video

The most  Southerly,  Eastern ,  Western 
and Northern points on the mainland


 Land Downunder


Test your Australian knowledge


















Here is the same song from a clip
 of that Classic Aussie movie "Red Dog"


It didn't take them long to burrow under the fence


 Western Australia


Some Aussie  funny signs


Waltzing Matilda Territory style 
Ali Mills


Some more Aussie humour

Deadly Animals 
(Come to Australia)


Aussie slang

G'da G'day - Slim Dusty.

Australian Language; 
Learning How To Speak Like An Aussie


Beyond the Black Stump


The Official Full Version
 Of The Australian National Anthem 
With Lyrics

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Sandee said...

♪♪Happy Australia Day to you,♪♪
♪♪Happy Australia Day to you,♪♪
♪♪Happy Australia Day Dear Phil,♪♪
♪♪Happy Australia Day to you.♪♪

Hope you have the best Australia Day ever. ☺

Anonymous said...

G'day to you Phil - - hope you had a fabulous Australia Day.

Some real beautiful sceneries in your Country - and I love the camels and

"how Australia Looks like" reminds me of South Africa, as you know we're

known as the rainbow Nation.

The Cartoon kangaroo is an honest guy - no matter how much the

truth hurts. Hee heee heee!!

The Kimberley - lonely planet Video is gorgeous . . . I wanna be there!!!!!

I get a kick outta the Outback Version of Waltzing Matilda - - something

totally out of the ordinary, I love it!!!

I must be off - - I lost me pet fly.....!

All the best to you Phil and thanks for all the good stuff on your blog.

I sincerely hope this comment will reach you - - I must have done

something dopey with the last one I sent you.

Celeste behind the snowy Alps.