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Western Australia
Z Bend Gorge... Kalabarri



cat protects kid


Little Big Shots 
Amazing Nine-Year-Old Pianist


Miscellaneous Cartoons


Julia Louis-Dreyfus mocked the Mercedes A Class car on “Saturday Night Live”
 with a commercial for the new Mercedes AA Class,
 which she noted is the “first fully electric luxury sedan 
powered entirely by AA batteries.



Around the World

















Middle East







Salto Angel | Kerepakupai VenĂ¡ 










Hilarious Spirit Animals Video Compilation


Those Funny Animals


Anteater try's to steal Duck's Food

Sleeping Giraffe


Bucket Bear Rescue!


Food Benefits


Elderly Man Has Adorable Friendship With Wild Otter
An elderly man has struck up an adorable friendship with an otter.
Seppo Laamanen, 65, and Iivari the otter became inseparable after he
appeared at Seppo's doorstep in 2011


A mother complained to her doctor 
about her daughter’s strange eating habits.
 “All day long she lies in bed and eats yeast and car wax.
 What will happen to her?”

“Eventually” said the doctor,
 “she will rise and shine!”


 Crazy Street Performance in China


Odds and Ends


Jumping Jack the Koala

Filmed on the banks of the Murray river in Victoria. 
This amazing footage captures a young koala jumping from tree to tree
 in a much more playful manner than is usually expected
 from Australia's laziest icon


Beyond the Back Stump


Yes Minister 
Why Britain Joined the European Union


This weeks signs


A Classical Tribute to Slo Mo Fails


Driving Skills


funny kid

Phun Phacts


Word of the Week


Pedigree – Hearts Aligned

This is Why Dogs Are Good For You

Dogs bring out the good in us,
 and this video will prove it to you.
 Most of us aren't aware that there’s a real physiological connection
 that occurs between an owner and their dog
 that lowers stress and anxiety. 
When a close bond is shared,
 a type of heart-rhythm alignment can occur 
- two completely separate species sharing one loving heart.

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Sandee said...

Kids............Bwahahahahahahahahahaha. I so remember.

The difference between moms and dads. SPOT ON!

Little Big shots, WOW!!!

Loved the cartoons. My favorite was the holy cow, the holy mackerel and the holy...well you know.

How long does it take each planet to go once around the sun? Wow, I had no idea.

Around the world. Always fun and informative.

Hilarious Spirit animals. How fun.

Those funny animals. That first one was a huge AWWW!

That anteater worked really hard. I thought he was going to fall in, but he didn't.

I fought a bee and the bee won. Poor thing.

I still love that baby koala in that measuring cup. So cute.

Bucket bear rescue. Wow, what a job that was. I'm glad they didn't give up.

Food Benefits. Some of these I knew and some I didn't.

Awww on the wild otter. That is awesome.

Loved the slinky skills. Some folks are so talented.

Odds and Ends.. Always fun.

Wow on that close up of the fox. Wow.

Loved that smart parking. Very ingenious.

Jumping Jack the Koala. Lots of energy that one.

Why Britain joined the European Union. Sounds like our politics.

This weeks signs. Always fun and sometimes thought provoking.

Slo Mo Fails. Ouch on many of those.

Driving skills. Good grief. Loved the license plates. Please stop and clumsy. So fitting.

Phun Phacts. My history lesson each week.

I always procaffienate. Always, unless I have to fast to give blood for the doctor.

Hearts Aligned. We sure miss our Little Bit. We had almost 13 years of that precious girl. This is so very true.

Another fine week Phil.

Have a fabulous day. ☺