Saturday, July 16, 2016


Western Australia

flying along Ningaloo Reef


Rio 2016 Olympic Games: Trailer 
 BBC Sport

You may have seen footage of jaguars running,
 but have you ever seen an anteater throw a hammer?
 A pair of caymans diving in synchrony?
 Monkeys playing volleyball?
 An armadillo lift weights? 
A sloth do gymnastics? 

 All the animals of South America want in on the fun!
 Rio may not be ready for the Olympics,
 but the BBC is ready to broadcast them. 
This is their promotional ad for the games that start on August 5th
. Brazilians would like everyone to know that the Games 
will be in the city of Rio de Janeiro, 
not in the Amazon rain forest




Human Slingshot - BASE Catapult 
 0-200kph in 1 second


Rare photo's of Stars when they were younger
Can you remember  them all??


Baby Elephant Loves to Cuddle

A guy visiting an elephant Sanctuary in northern Thailand 
encounters a very affectionate and playful baby elephant.


Miscellaneous Cartoons

The new "selfie"


World First: 
Melissa Andrzejewski, Sketchy Andy Lewis,
 & Jimmy Fitzpatrick take the Desert!


around the world













Saudi Arabia


Baby Kangaroo Doesn't Want to Let Go

At the Kangaroo Sanctuary in Alice Springs, Australia
, this little Kangaroo does not want to let go of his caretaker.



Showering around the world


Funny Cat Video 
Cat uses toilet paper after peeing in the toilet




squirrel escapes from being dinner



Shark 'Headbutts' Diver On Camera

Curious about a diver filming himself amongst the marine life,
 a lemon shark swoops in to check it out. 
The shark smashes straight into the diver’s mask,
 pulling it briefly from his face and knocking him sideways. 
If the shark would have more speed,
 he could have knock the diver unconscious




Funny Cat Fails Compilation 
 by FailArmy 2016


those funny animals

Gandalf the pug

first walk


GPS Trackers Show Cats’ Nocturnal Activity

In Australia cats are considered an invasive species
 that has devastating effects on native wildlife. 
An Australian government organization came up
 with a project to show people how far their pet cats actually 
wander using GPS trackers to map out feline activity.


Kangaroo gets head stuck in chips bag
 and head butts car



Top 10 Most Beautiful Movies of All Time


Odds and Ends

ink oil


thought provoking

23 everyday actions punishable by death
 if you're black in America


clever Fish and Chips shop names


Rainbow the orphaned baby flying-fox

This is rainbow, a little Australia's flying fox
 that is being care for.
 Every year across Australia,
 volunteers raise thousands of orphaned flying foxes or fruit bats.
 Once they reach around 16 to 20 weeks 
they are soft released to the wild.



Phun Phacts


Goats on Trampolines Compilation


This weeks signs


"Word of the Week"


Phil's Philosophy

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Sandee said...

Wow, on the Ningaloo reef. Wow.

Loved the trailer on the Rio 2016 Olympic Games. Way cool.

Pokemon Go. People are killing themselves over this silly game.

Hubby and I can't believe anyone would do the human slingshot, but we did see it. Yikes.

I remember most of those young actors. Yes I do. Wouldn't be able to do that with the actors now though.

Awww on the baby elephant. So adorable.

Yikes on that jump and the plane. Those are some serious daredevils.

Around the world. Always fun.

I loved the tiny castle built for the ducks in Portugal.

Bride's och eye, the poo! Bwahahahahahahahahahahaha.

Deep fried Mars bars? Yuk.

I would like to reboot America. We have way too many corrupt politicians.

California water restrictions. I live here and you're right about this.

Yikes Australia has some mean looking critters.

Loved the baby kangaroo. He loves his caretaker.

Bwahahahahahaha on the showers. I don't take a gun into the shower though. We can shower in California too.

That was a heap of toilet paper that cat used. I'm sure it stopped up that toilet very nicely.

Kids. They see things so differently.

That squirrel escaped very nicely. Better than being dinner for sure.

Sharks. I'll pass on getting close to them.

That headbutt from the lemon shark would have scared me to pieces.

Funny Cat Fails. Never a dull moment with a cat.

Loved that little dog that ran off all those sea lions off the dock. Fearless.

This is why the dog is happier. Spot on.

Top 10 most beautiful movies of all time.

Citizen Kane was a great movie.

2001: A Space Odyssey. One of my favorite movies ever.

Lawrence of Arabia another good movie.

Most of these movies I've not seen. Three out of 10 is all I've seen of these.

Odds and Ends. I've not seen these guns in target. I think someone is doing a lot of propaganda here.

I love the background check and the bacon one. I posted that on Facebook a while back.

Sometimes I get road rage walking behind people at the grocery store too. Bless their hearts.

You don't have all your facts right about the 23 everyday actions punishable by death if you're black in America. The media is not telling all the truth. They are fueling this issue something awful. The media has become judge, jury and executioner.

Awww on the baby flying fox.

Phun Phacts. Always a history lesson.

I loved the video of goats on the trampolines. How fun. They are so very happy.

The signs are always fun. Love the mommy advisory system. That's most brilliant.

The tuna sandwich named Kevin. There were people that did this where I worked. You would not believe some of the awful stuff that was done to food because we knew who was helping themselves to other peoples lunches.

Loved the sign to yell "not a squirrel", about Keith's lunch. Bwahahahahahahaha.

Loved the dogs having fun at the pool. Too cute.

Another fine and fun week Phil.

Have a fabulous day. ☺

Bunk Strutts said...

Phil, you're amazing. Mind if I copy and paste your entire blog? I'll give you credit. --Bunk

Phils Phun said...

G'day Bunk help yourself mate no worries take care