Saturday, September 3, 2016


Western Australia

Little Beach  Albany


YES I CAN - Paralympics RIO 2016 

 We're The Superhumans!

 Absolutely amazing.
 Words just cannot express what an incredible,
 empowering message
 and series of breathtaking images. 


Awesome Pictures


BEST OF THE MONTH (August 2016) 


Miscellaneous Cartoons


Cat Gives A Dog Hypnotherapy




When your having a bad day


Social Conformity 
 Brain Games


Those funny Animals


One very lucky dog

Rally Car Jumps Over Dog
 (with slow motion)


Around the World









New Zealand

















from a very popular show on National Television

BLACK AS PILOT - Episode One 
 The Mission

BLACK AS PILOT - Episode Two 
 Build A Bridge


Safety First


Las Vegas Magician Mac King 
Shows Us A Trick



Jessie Graff at the National Finals:
 Stage 1 - American Ninja Warrior 2016


Odds and Ends


Rhinos and Goats have a Unique Friendship


Funny Signs


Epic Excavator Skills Competition!


Lets go fishing!!!


James Last 
 Orange Blossom Special


"Word of the Week"


Phils Philosophy

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Sandee said...

Little Beach Albany. I would like being there.

Paralympics. Yes we can do anything if we just try. To many able bodied folks don't even try.

All the awesome pictures were indeed awesome.

People are awesome. Wow, they were amazing.

Cat gives a dog hypnotherapy. That was way cool.

Kids. Yep, this says it all about kids.

When your are having a bad day... Yikes!

Social conformity. Yep, people are sheep.

Those funny animals. Met this happy little ass the other day. Bwahahahahahahahaha.

Awww on the golden wiener. So cute.

That rally car that jumped over that dog was amazing. One lucky dog indeed.

Around the world. Love the sheep in Scotland. What a fun thing.

Iceland got it right. Way to go.

Black as Pilot. These guys can fix anything.

Safety first. Good grief.

Mac King. He's very good.

Jessie Graff is amazing.

Odds and Ends.

Yes, rest in peace Gene Wilder.

Building the Golden Gate Bridge. Wow.

Yikes on the road that was washed away.

Cool on the rhinos and goats. Those goats had their work cut out for them trying to stay on those rhinos.

Funny signs. Some folks are so talented.

Epic excavator skills competition. Wow. Wow!

Let's go fishing. I'll pass. Those are some scary looking fish.

I don't netflex. Good for me.

Another fun week Phil.

Have a fabulous day. ☺

Bunk Strutts said...

Dang, Phil. How do I repost my favorites without scraping every post? Cheers!