Saturday, November 26, 2016


Western Australia

"Pretty Pool "   Port Headland

Thanksgiving is not celebrated in Australia as in some countries
This does not mean you should not be grateful for what you have
where ever you are
This video I have posted before


 Moving Art


Awesome Pictures


Some People Call This 
"The Best Christmas Ad Ever". 
After Watching It,
 I Might Have to Agree


Miscellaneous Cartoons


Will be posting a few of these
Playing for Change
video's today
Hope you enjoy them as much as I Did

Cotton Fields 
 Playing For Change 
Song Around The World





Hazel tries broccoli


What a Wonderful World 
 Playing For Change


Funny Protest Signs


Lean On Me 
 Playing For Change 
Song Around The World


Those Funny Animals

This is The Story of Frank

Frank was once a runaway bull in Queens, NY
, but now he’s enjoying a peaceful life at Farm Sanctuary!
 This short film, narrated by Jon Stewart,
 offers a look back at how our favorite escape artist
 found his way to safety.
 We’re deeply grateful to those who made it possible 
for Frank to live the life he deserves. 
Among them: Tracey & Jon Stewart, 
Mike Stura of Skylands Animal Sanctuary & Rescue,
 and the Animal Care Centers of NYC .



This powerful live performance of “Teach Your Children”
 from Adelaide, Australia,
 features Tula, Roberto Luti and the PFC Band.
 Years ago when we started recording 
Songs Around The World together like
 “One Love” and “Chanda Mama” 
we never imagined we would be growing
 a global movement supporting musicians
 and music education across the globe,
 but this is the power of music. 
Today’s live performance embodies
 all that we believe in: soulful music 
with an inspiring message helping us to move forward
 as a human race,
 one heart and one song at a time.

Teach Your Children 
 Playing For Change 
 Live in Australia


Around the World






South Africa






Saudi Arabia












Riot breaks out

UK vs USA vs Iceland


One Love 
Playing For Change
 Song Around The World


Love makes the world go around


 Playing For Change 
 Song Around The World


Odds and Ends



Bizzare People


The Sound of Silence 
(Amazing cover of Simon & Garfunkel's song)


Funny Signs


Apple Christmas Ad 2016
 Frankie’s Holiday


Phun Phacts


Frog Trick for Drake
, Steph Curry, & Dave Chappelle 
David Blaine


Beautiful moments


Puzzle of the Year 
 Square in the Bag


Phil's Philosophy

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1 comment:

Sandee said...

Gratitude - Moving Art. Awesome. Each day is indeed a precious gift. I spend my days very well too.

Awesome pictures...there is my awesome lighthouse again.

The best Christmas ad ever... That was very good indeed.

Always love the cartoons.

Loved the Cotton Fields.

Boats. I love boats. I like our boat much better than these boats.

Kids...always fun. Broccoli isn't her favorite for sure. What a face she made.

What a wonderful world. Love it.

Lean on me. Love this one too.

Those funny animals. It's a nice neighborhood, but the turnover rate's high. No kidding.

Oh my God. I am delicious. Bwahahahahahahahaha.

I feel bad for that hairdresser's cat.

That picture of the elephants made my day too. That little on is having the time of its life.

Frank is some bull and then some. I'm glad he's still with us.

Punny Phil...always punny. Loved the plain tie the best.

Teach your children. Another great choice.

Around the World. I read about the snow in Tokyo the other day.

Love the Hello Kitty cat. Pink is good.

The U.S. has thugs killing cops and others almost every single day. It's horrible here. I blame it on our current administration. This explains Trumps win for many.

Love makes the world go around. It sure does.

Odds and Ends... I'm so glad Trump won. I can't stand Clinton.

Math, some are better at it than others for sure.

Those are some bizarre people for sure.

Love the sound of silence. I like Simon and Garfunkel's better though.

Funny Signs... Always love the signs. People can be so brilliant.

Phun Phacts... my history lesson each week.

The frog trick. Way cool. Those people were freaking out.

Beautiful moments...yes indeed. I don't think that dog was into that ride all that much though.

Square in the bag. Wow. I doubt I would have figure that puzzle out.

I agree, never give up on your dreams.

Another fun week Phil.

Have a fabulous day. ☺