Friday, January 24, 2020


Western Australia

out in the wheat belt country

January 26

I am, you are, we are Australian

1. You’re relieved to see that the daily fire danger warning is ‘only’ high.
2. You know budgie smugglers are not for the birds.
3.  You feel compelled to complete this chant: “Aussie, Aussie Aussie . . .”
4. The expression “stunned mullet” makes perfect sense to you.
5. You only know your friends by their nicknames.
6. You believe Waltzing Matilda is our real national anthem.
7. You understand ‘having a barbie’ involves catching up with mates and not a doll.
8. You’ve never considered having a house without a veranda or backyard.
9. You have the cricket on the TV even if you’re not really watching it.  
10. You describe something bad as “pretty average”.
11.  Driving a caravan around the continent is your ideal retirement plan.
12. At some point you’ve given or received the advice: “She’ll be right, mate”.
13. Singlets, shorts and thongs can be both casual and formal attire.
14. You’re bothered more by flies than sharks or crocs.
15. “The middle of Woop Woop” is 10km out of a city centre.
16. Having a cold stubby is the perfect end to the day.
17. Finding one of the world’s most venomous snakes or spiders under your car is not out of
the question.
18. You consider the meat pie a food group.
19. Saturday morning sport was mandatory as a child.
20. “The other day” could mean anywhere between yesterday and two years ago.
21. Driving 10 hours in a day is a normal road trip.
22. You speak the national language: Strine.
23. You have at least one BBQ in your home, on the verandah.
24. You know that green and gold are the true national colours
25. You’ve been swimming since you were 6 months old.
26. You can go on holidays to another country in less time than it takes to fly to the other side of your own.
27. The extra bedroom of your house has been turned into the poolroom.
28.  You’re “up yourself” if you take yourself too seriously.
29.  You’ve been to Bali on holidays at least three times.
30. You can’t help barracking for an under dog, against all better judgement.

Gurrumul and Paul Kelly - Amazing Grace

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